Materialism follow Capitalism to the Black Hole



One day, one moment was enough to erase everything. I wonder, however, what that move has finally erased. Only money or something else? Now, just a year later, I begin to understand what really happened to us.

Today, I passed through my old neighborhood. People were smiling and calmer than ever! In our small park, the one we played small, around the apartment buildings, the residents, the neighbors, known and unknown,  gathered together. They fanned, danced, laughed. The weather was their ally, a cool breeze that made the leaves also moved to the rhythm of music. Like a conspiracy of physical and metaphysical presence that is in perfect harmony. A spontaneous fiesta, like those of the good old weather, when people were close to each other in joy, sadness and need.

But why did these people celebrate? Most of them deposited the savings of one life in banks, bonds and other financial products. And at that moment, just a year ago, they all lost them. Or maybe not .....

Finally, although people were very difficult at first, they later discovered that the meaning of life is not numbers but the time we consume around us. The real value of their lives was revealed in a moment of internal clearance.

How did we get here?

  • At the beginning, all the transactions were made with all the ramaing cash and borrowing among people.
  • The Central Bank, in order to avoid the recession, has credited an initial amount of money to all people's accounts and guaranteed a lower monthly income for everyone.
  • People are now due to a lack of confidence in centralized systems that have fallen, converting their money into digital currencies and feeling safer as they are decentralized.
  • In most factories, due to a lack of capital, the owners resigned and the employees took over the plant's management.
  • All companies engaged in luxury goods and services were closed. Materialism collapsed.


This Assignment was wrote on next request:

Imagine an elite anarchist hacker cell created a virus which overnight wiped out all electronic records of currency of all types, including deposits, loans, and many derivative contracts stored electronically. Imagine one year later, you are cycling around near your home. What would things look like? What would people be doing? Write no more than 400 words describing the scene, with some comments at the end of your description on why you think this would be the situation. Be as creative, descriptive and poetic in your prose as you wish.